Child and Family offers a broad range of programs and services designed specifically to meet the specialized needs of children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

The goal throughout all of our programs and services is to provide young people and their families with the support they need to function productively in their homes, schools and community settings.

Family involvement is considered an important part of treatment.  When possible, parents/caretakers take part not only in their children’s treatment but also in parenting groups that teach strategies to improve the parent/child relationship.

Child and Family Counseling Programs and Services
Serving children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems.

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Programs are designed to help adolescents 12 to 18 years old who are experiencing acute behavioral, social and/or emotional symptoms.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention, Education, and Intervention Programs
Individual and group therapy and family counseling for adolescents who have both mental health and substance abuse problems.

Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP)
Building a stronger, brighter future for children and families at risk for abuse and neglect and children and families who have serious behavioral health needs.

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