Integrated Primary & Behavioral Health Services

Research has shown that, due to chronic, preventable illnesses, people with behavioral health problems have a life expectancy that is 25 years shorter than the general population. But it doesn’t have to be that way …

At Hands To Guide You, Inc. we strongly believe in the power and potential of recovery and know that with proper care our patients, regardless of the challenges they face, can and will recover. This philosophy guides us as we strive to offer a full array of comprehensive health and wellness services designed to serve the behavioral and physical health needs of people experiencing chronic health  conditions.

This model of care is not only changing and saving lives but also shaping the future of the delivery of behavioral health services nationwide.

Adult Services

Adult Services offers a comprehensive array of person-centered, recovery-focused programs and services for adults experiencing chronic health conditions, including programs for people experiencing severe and persistent mental health problems.

  • Community Treatment Teams
    • Intensive community-based services for patients who are at risk for hospitalization or who are in need of an intensive level of care to promote recovery.
  • Continuing Treatment
    • Addresses patients clinical, rehabilitative and recovery needs in their homes and in the community.

Our solution-focused, behavioral health outpatient programs and services assist individuals, couples, and families to attain optimal functioning at home, work, and in society.


Outpatient Behavioral Therapy

  • Behavioral Health Therapy for individuals with behavioral health related problems who are experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other chronic health conditions. Alcohol, drug, or gambling addictions services are offered during the day and evenings.
  • An intensive outpatient treatment program offered in the evening to men and women whose addiction and mental health needs go beyond traditional outpatient therapy. The program also addresses the behavioral health needs of participants who experience co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems.
  • Staying Connected – Recovery specialist assist people experiencing behavioral health difficulties to remain engaged in support services during various phases of their treatment and recovery.
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