Stacey Reynolds

Stacey L. Reynolds is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), who is serving citizens in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Okmulgee communities, in a vast array of mental health challenges. Ms. Reynolds empowers others to develop skills and strategies to master goals, through the use of clinically tested and evidenced-based interventions.

Ms. Reynolds is motivated in using her knowledge and skills to support the needs of individuals and the community, while helping influence stakeholders to develop effective mental health strategies. Ms. Reynolds is currently a PhD student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL, where she is studying International Psychology with a concentration in Trauma. She obtained her Masters of Community Counseling degree from Argosy University in Arlington, VA, and once she completed these requirements, she pursued her board licensure as a Professional Counselor through the Oklahoma Licensing Board of Behavioral Health. Ms. Reynolds has had many unique experiences in her professional career, which has contributed to her cultural sensitivities, while serving the public.

Ms. Reynolds served in the United States Air Force for 9 years and after completing her enlistment, she continued to serve the people by taking a position at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), in Alexandria, VA. While there she supported local and federal law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and family members to ensure the safe and expedited recovery of the missing children as well as identifying those children vulnerable to child sex trafficking. Ms. Reynolds used the skills and education acquired through her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree from the University of Phoenix to perform these functions. During her time at NCMEC, she realized the need for direct care services for survivors of sex trafficking as well as other vulnerable populations surviving other forms of trauma, such as child neglect/abuse, child sex abuse, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and many more.

Ms. Reynolds completed her internship, necessary for her Masters of Community Counseling, with John Hopkins University’s Director of the Sexual Behavior and Consultation Unit (SBCU), Fred S. Berlin, MD, PhD, at the National Institute for the Study, Prevention, and Treatment of Sexual Trauma in Baltimore, MD, where she co-facilitated groups for patients suffering from challenges resulting from their involvement in sex crimes and sexual compulsions.

Along with Ms. Reynolds professional experiences, much of her knowledge of public policy, gained through her Masters of Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy degree from American Military University, allows her to influence stakeholders within the community to make necessary changes to support those coping with symptoms resulting from traumatic experiences. Ms. Reynolds education, professional experiences, and drive to serve helps in providing the knowledge and understanding of the needs for those suffering from mental health challenges derived from their lived experiences.

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