Marvin Rivers

Marvin Rivers has been with Hands To Guide You since the beginning. Marvin has over 15 years of experience in Healthcare. He graduated from Langston University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. Marvin Rivers specializes in Behavioral Health Case Management, Advantage Case Management, and Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

Marvin Rivers places a high value on effective psychoeducation, improving quality of care, care coordination, and improving outcomes of populations served. Marvin Rivers assisted in the development of multiple programs including the Behavioral Health Case Management, school-based case management, advantage case management of chronically ill and complex populations. Marvin Rivers assisted in developing a successful biopsychosocial innovative care management model that provides support and advocacy to the medically complex population, chronically ill with untreated behavioral health needs, as well as support for their families while providing clear options directed toward the individual’s immediate and long-term care goals.

Marvin often utilizes psychoeducation to meet goals within the treatment plan. Marvin Rivers fosters close-knit relationships with his population to ensure they receive the best care possible for their needs. Marvin Rivers specializes in specializing in identifying needs of the patient, early childhood trauma, chronic illness, and medically complex population. Marvin Rivers also has extensive experience in managing groups and individuals to ensure they receive the treatment they deserve.