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Importance of Behavioral Health

We help improve the way the world experiences healthcare.

Research has shown that the mind and body are connected. When a person feels sad and blue, it can impact their energy level, motivation to participate in treatment, and negatively impact outcomes, such as improving independent functioning. To achieve desired outcomes, it is essential to support the patient’s emotional health as well as their physical health.

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What is Integrated Care and why is it important?

Integrated behavioral health is combining behavioral health with primary care. If your mental health is not operating at the highest level, your physical health will not be operating at the highest level and vice versa.

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare is an emerging field within the wider practice of high-quality, coordinated health care. In the broadest use of the term, “integrated behavioral health care” can describe any situation in which behavioral health and medical providers work together.

The care a patient experiences as a result of a team of primary care and behavioral health clinicians, working together with patients and families, using a systematic and cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population.

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What We Do Matters!

Research has shown that due to chronic, preventable illnesses, people with behavioral health problems have a life expectancy that is 25 years shorter than the general population. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Behavioral Health Consultant Program in early care and education was established in response to the growing need for additional support services.

At Hands To Guide You, clinical consultation is available for: therapists seeking clinical guidance, clinics seeking consultation for the CARF certification and recertification processes.

In the United States, clinical supervision is a required element of the counseling profession. Every counselor in training must have a documented supervised experience as part of their professional development.

H2GY has carefully developed a program of psychological services to meet the specific needs of residents in nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

Our support groups offer the opportunity to learn ways to better cope with chronic illnesses while getting the support of others who share in your struggles.

Hands To Guide You is increasing the scope of services available to children, youth and families who are impacted by traumatic stress within our Oklahoma City community.

Consultation involves a collaborative discussion rather than just the receiving of advice. It is always an opportunity for further growth clinically and business-wise.

It’s more common today for an individual to have both a serious medical condition and a behavioral health condition. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to dramatically increased medical costs.

It’s more common today for an individual to have both a serious medical illness and a behavioral health illness. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to dramatically increased hospitalizations.

Our innovative school based behavioral health programs focus on early identification and ease of access for schools across school districts.

You Don’t Have to Drive to See Us. We offer online, video-based telebehavioral health services for all appointments and individuals residing anywhere in Oklahoma.

While Residential Treatment has its place, many patients are able to successfully overcome addiction thanks to outpatient programs.

The Team

What sets us apart?  Our people do.  “Great people are those who make others feel that they too, can become great.”  — Mark Twain

Dr. Larry Ford

Founder | CEO

Dr. Allison Earl

Behavioral Health Consultant

James Roberson

Behavioral Health Consultant

Marvin Rivers

Case Manager

Emma Elliott

Practice Management Trainee

Olivia Mikel

Case Manager

Omari Cole

Counselor | Case Manager

Tamy Elliott

Practice Manager


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Hands To Guide You takes service to a whole new level by designing a comprehensive behavioral wellness concierge program. Imagine how special you will feel with direct access to your doctor for emergencies, timely appointments, and extended appointment time with your behavioral healthcare professionals.
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We’re here to help.  Our team of seasoned professionals understands the importance of whole person care.  Integrated healthcare includes mind, body & spirit or quality of life.  Let’s take a moment together, to get to the core issues at hand.  Together we’ll create a personalized behavioral health program that works for you.  We are science-based with a human approach.


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