Timeouts aren’t just for unruly toddlers.  Sometimes we all need a time-out to decompress and listen to our bodies.  What is stressing you out?  How is it physically affecting you?  Here are 5 things you can do to get you back “in” from a time “out.”

  1. Deep breathing – Don’t underestimate the power of deep breathing and mindfulness. Notice how it feels to take a deep breath. Inhale and count to 5.  Hold it for another 5 seconds.  Release with purpose – as you exhale, let go of the tensions and stresses you feel.  Repeat!
  2. Take a walk – whenever I’m in the “middle of it” I like to take just 5-minutes and walk in and or around the building. Getting outside helps.  Breathe in, yawn & stretch.  Enjoy nature for a bit.  Notice the breeze, the trees swaying.  Seriously, when you break it down into what are perceived as small things, it makes a big difference.  Not to mention, walking is a great exercise.  It’ll clear your head and get your mind ready to tackle that next “to do!”
  3. Quick cat nap – The key is making it quick – just 20-30 minutes tops will get your engine recharged and ready to roll.
  4. Have you ever noticed that every where you go, whether you’ve stopped by your favorite café to grab a coffee or tea, your riding on the freeway, heading to work or school, you’re in the grocery store after work picking up a few essentials for dinner – everyone is chattering, checking & “scrolling” through their phone.  Our phones are an important tool and resource for daily life.  I understand that and appreciate it as much as the next person.  But do our phones need to be our bedside companion?  Does the phone need to accompany you at the table when you’re supposed to be connecting with humans (face-to-face?)  Does it need to follow you into the bathroom?  Plain & simple.  No.  Take some time during the day or evening to disconnect.  You deserve some down time or better yet, quality time with friends and family or even time alone to enjoy your own company.
  5. Love – seems easy doesn’t it? If you were to make a list of all that you love, undoubtedly it would be quite long.  Everything from special people, places, foods, and things would be on that list. You have countless “loves” and resources from which to draw.  When the stress of the day is making you lose sight of those things, tap into it.  Take a moment and visualize a picture of your child, your trip to Italy or maybe a moment in time when you achieved a milestone.  Reflect on it – enjoy it.  Love it.