Behavioral Health Consultation In Early Care and Education

The Behavioral Health Consultant Program in early care and education was established in response to the growing need for additional support services in the area of social, emotional and behavioral needs of children.

The Behavioral Health Consultant works in collaboration with parents and child care providers to:

  • Strengthen skills to support a child’s healthy social emotional development
  • Offer support in the development of partnerships between providers and parents
  • Helping with problem-solving and working with parents on difficult issues
  • Providing timely, helpful training
  • Referring families to other services when needed

When to call the Child Care Behavioral Health Consultant:

  • Concerned about children’s behaviors (birth through five years)
  • Biting, hitting, head banging, aggressiveness
  • Overactivity
  • Overly shy. Withdrawn
  • Fearful, hard to comfort
  • Excessive tantrums or crying
  • Talking to parents about tough issues
  • Concerned about family problems (including trauma, violence, death, divorce, depression, etc.)