Disease Management Programs

It’s more common today for an individual to have both a serious medical condition and a behavioral health condition. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to dramatically increased medical costs. We understand that helping patients deal with their mental health conditions is a vital part of their care. People with high rates of medical services use have a higher prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders.

Our disease management programs can help patients better manage care and patients find treatment that is much needed. Patients have access to:

      • Self-screening tools to understand their health risks
      • Educational materials to learn more about their condition
      • Case management services to help coordinate their care and increase follow-through on their treatment

Patients with chronic illnesses — such as diabetes, hypertension and COPD — are more likely to have problems with depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Our disease management programs are designed to identify and treat these coexisting conditions early on. This can help patients avoid complications and improve their quality of life.