Psychological Services

H2GY has carefully developed a program of psychological services to meet the specific needs of patients. These include the following:

  1. Diagnostic Assessment of patients psychological functioning, with specific recommendations for treatment.
  2. Individual Psychotherapy to address the patient’s emotional and cognitive difficulties.
  3. Group Psychotherapy to address a variety of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, coping with a disability or cognitive impairment.
  4. Family Therapy utilizes a family member (child, spouse, or sibling) in the therapeutic process. Family sessions allow individuals to find more effective ways of responding to their family member’s concern, dealing with their own reactions and ultimately improving the patient’s psychological functioning.
  5. Health and Behavioral Services address a wide range of physical health issues, such as patient adherence to medical treatment, symptom management of chronic diseases, including pain management, diabetes, COPD, as well as treatment of post-stroke and cardiac patients.
  6. Pain Management Programs thru multi-modal psychological interventions such as relaxation training, imagery and psychological support.