School-Based Services / On-site Behavioral Health Clinic

Our innovative school based behavioral health programs focus on early identification and ease of access for schools across school districts.

Research has found that half of all mental illnesses like major depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse start by age 14. Left untreated, these disorders can lead to higher rates of violence, school dropout, family dysfunction, juvenile incarceration, chemical dependency and unintentional injuries.  By focusing our services in early learning to elementary school settings through middle and high school settings Hands To Guide You builds intentional partnerships with schools and communities to help identify concerns early and eliminate barriers to access for children and their families.

Referrals for the program come through parents, principals, student assistance teams, school social workers or counselors.  All services are provided in a confidential manner with engaged family involvement.

Interested families can contact a professional at their school or directly contact the Hands To Guide You therapist based in their school to learn more about the intake process.  For help or for more information call our office at 405-605-4249.