Substance Abuse Treatment

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Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

While Residential Treatment has its place, many patients are able to successfully overcome addiction thanks to outpatient programs. Not everyone has the time, budget or desire to commit to residential programs, so outpatient substance abuse treatment programs can be the perfect fit. At Hands To Guide You Outpatient location, patients can get the outpatient care they need that fits into their schedule and their lifestyle.

The Right Candidate for Outpatient Programs

Many different types of people can benefit from Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The right candidate is a person who is physically and emotionally stable. If any severe medical issues need constant monitoring, then an Inpatient Program is probably a better fit.

The right candidates for Outpatient Programs also tend to be people with a safe, secure and supportive network. Although some patients live on their own, attend Outpatient Programs and thrive, it will be easier if one has some kind of support at home. Living at home with family, or having accountability partners nearby, can be a big help for those in Outpatient Treatment Programs.

Some patients complete the withdrawal process and then immediately head to an Outpatient Program. Hands To Guide You Outpatient substance abuse treatment allows patients to have structure throughout the week without losing out on the other things life has to offer. Other patients start with Inpatient care and then step down to Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. This eases the transition back to a completely independent sober lifestyle. outside.