You Don’t Have to Drive to See Us. We offer online, video-based telebehavioral health services for all appointments and individuals residing anywhere in Oklahoma.

What is Telebehavioral Health?

Telebehavioral health is the delivery of behavioral health services through online videoconferencing. It’s one of the fastest growing applications of telemedicine, which is what it sounds like—health care supported or facilitated by technology.
People facing stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or other psychological concerns can all benefit from telebehavioral health care. These issues are commonly treated with psychotherapy, counseling or medication—all of which are possible through videoconferencing.
It’s important for behavioral health issues to be addressed as early as possible. When left untreated, they become progressively worse and can eat away at quality of life for affected persons and their loved ones.

Where is Telebehavioral Health Being Used?

Telebehavioral health is already making waves across the healthcare system. You might have already heard of it being used in outpatient clinics or hospitals in your area. And now, you can even access telebehavioral health services from your own home through the use of secure online platforms.

What are the Benefits of Telebehavioral Health?

• It’s convenient. Telebehavioral health saves time on traveling to and from appointments. Both consumers and providers can connect from home, or any private space.
• It’s flexible. For most in-home telebehavioral health, all you need is a private space and a strong internet connection. The limits of traditional business hours, commutes and waiting rooms are no longer an issue. Fewer restrictions means less time spent on logistics—and more time actually engaging with your provider.
• It offers the right care for the right person. Telebehavioral health means that consumers have a more options to find the provider and the care that meets their specific needs.
• It’s effective. Telebehavioral health works. Clinical research has consistently found that telebehavioral health works as well, or in some cases, better than traditional in-person care.

Privacy, Security and Safety Online

Providers and healthcare organizations that offer care online have a duty to protect your personal information. Telebehavorial health providers and consumers should ensure that the platform they are using is secure and HIPAA-compliant.