Here are 7 tips for practicing self-care.  New Year’s resolutions come and go.  Unrealistic goals are left by the wayside when what is perceived as “real life” is setting in.  Instead, commit to a few minutes a day (you can do that!) and practice these self-care tips!


Are you getting enough quality sleep? It is important to know that it is not just about quantity but QUALITY.  The way we get a good night rest is when you reach the fourth stage of sleep which is known as REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement).  When you do not get this quality rest you be affected by mood disorders, depression, and an increase in anxiety leading to unnecessary stress disorders.  Below are 6 ways to help you be well rested.

Eat Right

Do you have a balanced diet?  It is also important to eat healthy fresh foods to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform efficiently and constructively.  Diet can vary from person to person and it is beneficial to visit a nutritionist to receive the best diet advice for you.  Start by knowing that over processed foods are generally not beneficial to your body.  Remember, you are what you eat!


One of the greatest things about exercise is that it benefits both the body and the mind at the same time.  When you exercise you are promoting the health of your heart, relieving built up day to day stress, and maintaining a consistent and healthy metabolism.  So many benefits such as a longer and healthier quality of life, a decrease in risk of illness, and mental strength with a positive stability.  Even just a 20 minute walk per day is beneficial and a great start to finding out which exercise routine works best for you. 

Take a self-care trip

Have you been to a spa or massage therapist?  These little self-care trips are beneficial to your mental health as well as a great way to rid stress.  Sometimes taking moments for yourself are just what you need to get rid of daily anxieties or even for the sake of enjoying something you love.  Try taking 5 minutes per day by just sitting, closing you eyes, and focusing on your breathing.  It is a great practice and will do wonders for managing your stress levels.

Say no to others, yes to self-care

Are you trying to make 2020 the best year by losing old habits?  Saying NO to things, people, or situations that you know are not going to help you with your 2020 goals is key.  When you decide that certain people, substances, and/or clients are destructive towards your mental well-being, be confident in yourself by saying no to the situation.  Your time is valuable; it’s important for you to spend it in the best and most constructive way possible.

Get outside!

We live in this super digital world!  Though it is useful for our communication, business, and friendships, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.  Getting outside even for a few minutes a day can clear your mind in ways that are incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical health.  Take your kids to the park, meet a friend for coffee, or even just leaving your electronic devices at home are a few ways to truly unplug from the constant stimulation we are subjected to every day.

Art, music, read!

A great way to learn about the world is by exploring subjects that you may be unfamiliar with.  Just by visiting a museum for an hour or so, you will leave with more knowledge about something you didn’t know before.  The art of music is a doorway to the beauty of the cosmos.  Listen to something you have never heard before!  You may find a new love for something you never realized existed.  Just as you did the first time you heard your first classic.  Speaking of classics, picking up a book you know but have never read is one of the most wonderful ways to expand your knowledge of the art of language and poetry.  After all, language is how we understand one another whether it is the language of painting, music, or words.  Also, it is something to talk about at parties!