Are you familiar with integrated care?  In our current trends of health care reform, mental health is being recognized as an extremely important role for our quality of life.  Also known as comprehensive care, coordinated care, seamless care, or trans-mural care, INTEGRATED HEALTH focuses on the promotion of service, patient access, quality of satisfaction, and efficient processes.

As most of us know, quality health care in the U.S. is not as available as it could be to those in need.  As our population grows, this is becoming more of an issue and is why we are seeing it as a crucial subject in our elections and overall family concerns.  How is this problem fixed?  Well, if we can offer patients the absolute best quality care (Physical and Mental) while at the same time making it easily available and affordable to those in special need, we can make a huge impact on the quality of life for everyone.

Integrated Care focuses on the patient first while attempting to offer a balanced and efficient treatment for the full spectrum of physical to mental influences on the patients’ overall health.  After all, health is not just physical, it is a balance of emotional health, mental health, and physical health.  If we can create this balance of efficiency in all of the aspects of our everyday lives, we can not only help people, but we can lead them to success without consistent treatment from the health care system.

As we move closer to health care reform, we want to offer care to those in need, not just those who can pay.  What is your idea for health care reform?  We’d love to hear it and maybe it is the idea that changes the world for the better.