What can I do for a better night’s rest?

As most of us know, sleep is a crucial element in our mental health levels.  Something as simple as a good night’s rest can have massive positive effects on our mental health while at the same time leading us to many health benefits in the long run.  If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, ask yourself what you are doing or could do to set yourself up for success.

We could easily talk at length about the different stages of sleep and how you reach those levels but, here are 3 things you can do right now to set yourself up for a healthy sleeping cycle.

Are you eating a healthy diet?

Your mind can be directly affected by how the body feels.  If you are eating high calorie and/or high saturated fatty foods, you may have trouble getting healthy sleep.  These types of foods put stress on your body and digestion system, not allowing it the nutrients it needs to recharge.  Start by looking at what you are eating and put together a small plan of what would most beneficial for you. 

Are you getting daily exercise?

Exercise can massively improve your sleeping cycle.  Going for a light jog, yoga, stretching, or even just a walk will get out some of your daily stress in a healthy and positive manner.  Also, it is very beneficial for your overall physical health and mental health.  Get outside and breathe! 

Are you overstimulated by technology?

Most of us know how easy it is to lay in bed and scroll through our Instagram

or Facebook pages without realizing how much time has passed.  Something we recommend would be to set a time when you either turn off your phone or set it on silent outside of the room.

This will let your mind be at rest and believe it or not will make it much easier to let your mind settle in and ultimately fall asleep.  The strain of a computer/phone screen has more of a effect than you may think.  Dopamine levels raise as we look at our computers or social media outlets.  With high dopamine levels, you cannot fall asleep!  Unplug and breathe.

If you still have trouble sleeping for other reasons not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us. There is always someone here for you to talk to online.  Be well, Be healthy, and get some sleep.  You will feel the difference.