What is OCD?


By definition OCD is having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail.  There are many different types of OCD:




Mental Contamination.



Intrusive Thoughts.


Are you someone with OCD?  During times like this where we are dealing with a pandemic, it is

important to be aware of how it affects your mental health.  For someone who has obsessive thoughts, something like a pandemic can cause great distress and even lead to further obsessive compulsions.  The good news is that there are some things you can do right at home to cope with your anxiety when in the middle of a pandemic.



Keep in mind it is important to know that your logical state can be confused by fear when worrying about issues that may not even be facts.  Keep the facts straight and know how to identify falsity.



The main fuel to anxiety is: UNCERTAINTY


When you don’t have all the facts and all the information, you may have an emotional response

that can cause anxiety.



Set up some rules about the difference between factual information and NOISE.  Constantly watching the news (be it any broadcasting of any political view) can and will lead you through

an immense amount of unclear thoughts, situations, and events that are out of your control.


Decide how much of this you let yourself take in.  (The less, the better!)  Know that news stations need to produce ratings and the way to make ratings is to fuel the emotional reactions of their viewers.  It is why we rarely see all of the good that is going on in the world because we are so easily swayed by our emotional states from the noise of mass media.


Listening to actual professionals such as doctors and scientists is the best way to get

the most accurate facts during a pandemic.  Also know that knowledge is power.  Learning about what you are afraid of from a true professional such as doctors, scientists, and mental health specialists will supply you with the knowledge you need to combat the issues which are in your control.


Remember that saying “The more you know”?  It’s relevant.



Part of your mental stability is knowing that you can express your feelings to another person.  Take the time to call a brother, sister, mom, dad, friend, or someone in need.  You may find that by talking about your thoughts, the anxieties will take their course.


At H2GY we want to show you that you can conquer your anxiety in any form.  If you don’t have anyone to call, we are always here.  Talk with us live right now at: https://www.h2gy.com/


And lastly please remember, BREATHE.